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The Basics
In a nutshell

Waterloo. It's in Belgium and is notoriously difficult to get to. Take Friday off and also Monday. Plan to arrive at your chosen port, [Dunkerque is best, with Norfolk Line] as early as you can, [this will mean wasting no time at home in the morning] as you don't really want to be circling Brussels during rush hour on a Friday.

When you get to Waterloo, [you're not actually looking for the town, you're looking for the Butte de Lion, [Lion's Butt], get your tent up as quickly as possible and get yourself over to Plancenoit to the cafe there. Order Steak et Frittes and a beer, sit back and relax. You deserve it. It won't be this peaceful again for a while. If it is sunny sit outside and marvel at what went on in this little village nearly 200 years ago.

On your way back, park the car at the sports centre and walk back to camp. There is a supermarket near here where you can stock up on all the things your CO has forgotten to bring, like food and cooking equipment. Alternatly there is a huge Carrefour not far from the turn-off to the Butte de Lion.

Enjoy the battles, the parades, the cameraderie. Try to visit the French camp, they have cheaper beer. Enjoy a beer up by the Butte de Lion itself, and at least once, climb the darned thing for the view.

If, like a sensible person, you're nt shooting off on Sunday night, have another delicious steak in the restraunt right at the end of the road the Butte de Lion is on. The Belgiums don't really do complicated food, but stick to their staples and you won't be disappointed. Beer and Beef, served by people still grateful for the service you have done them by helping to liberate them from the tyrant Bonaparte.

Reported by Richard Delingpole from Great Britian.