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Sir William Hamilton born.

Friday, 12 January 1731

Somewhere in the Home Counties on the 12th of Januaray 1731 Sir William Hamilton was born. The son of Lord Archibald Hamilton Govonor of Jamica and Lady Jane Hamilton, daughter of the Earl of Abercorn William first joined the Footguards before starting a career as a famous diplomat, Classical Scholar, Volcanologist and Antiquary.
He married Catherine Barlow on 25 of January 1758. The couple had no children.
In 1764 he became Ambasador to the Two Sicilies and held the post until 1800. During his time in Naples he amassed a fine collection of classical pieces. Much of his collection was lost when HMS Colossos sank..
One piece Sir William managed to keep was his second wife.
Emma Lyon had been sent to him in 1786 by his nephew Charles Greville in exchange for his uncle clearing  his debts. Emma became Lady Hamilton when she and Sir William married  on the 6th of September 1791. He was 60, she 26.