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The Big Battalions Project aims to make co-operation between British Napoleonic Units around the world much easier. The purpose is to encourage and enable co-operation and camerarderie at all levels.

The "Battalions" consist of a number of divisions, made up of regiments and other units who wish to serve together. Listings of the units in each division are available here and each unit also has its own page to provide more detailed information.

Big BattalionsThe 'Big Battalions Crest' is...

• A Naval Crown. Because our units come from all parts of the Globe.

• A Blue shield with George III cipher. The shield is taken from a shako plate and is blue to represent the Ocean.

• The Lion support represents the King.

• The Fox support represents the people.

The Motto translates as..'First do no harm'.
Because we are Re-enactors and are drawn from all countries and races around the world. We are united by our hobby.

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"Dandyism is the last heroic gesture amid decadence. It is a setting sun, glorious but without warmth and full of melancholy."

"The giant race is extinct and we are left in the hands of little ones."
Francis Homer on the deaths of Fox and Pitt.

I mentioned that I was afraid to put into my journal too many little incidents."There is nothing, sir too little for so little a creature as man."
Boswell to Johnson.


Waterloo. It's in Belgium and is notoriously difficult to get to. Take Friday off and also Monday. Plan to arrive at your chosen port, [Dunkerque is best, with Norfolk Line] as early as you can, [this will mean wasting no time at home in the morning] as you don't really....